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We Sell to Individuals and do Corporate Gifts


If you want customized Corporate Gifts read below.

After checkout we will call you within 24 hrs. (Probably sooner) to finalize your order.


We will need to set up delivery time and location. If items are to be mailed out we will need the addresses ($3.00 per box + actual shipping cost charged separately). 

If you order over $300 and want it all delivered to one place, we deliver to you free from Payson UT to Brigham City UT.

​We will need your Logo, unless you would like us to use ours.

(Logo is stenciled in black ink on the crate. Logos on treat bags are in full color.)

​We apply your logo on crates and some of the bags in your order for free, if you order over 10 crates. 

(Less than 10 crates, $20 art fee is applied.)

​Our lead time changes (1 to 10 days) depending on how busy we are. We will work with you to make it work out.

Call us if you have questions we want to provide a great product and have excellent service.

801-577-4203 (9pm-5pm)

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